On September 26, 2019, Beagle Freedom Project transported 18 animals who had spent their lives in a laboratory to freedom at BFP’s new Rescue + Outreach center in North Carolina.

The 7 pigs, 6 goats and 2 alpacas could’t wait to run through the grassy fields and play in the kiddie pools and mud baths.

The 3 rabbits saw sunshine for the first time and explored their wonderful outdoor/indoor custom habitat, complete with sand for digging and different levels to enjoy and play.

Many people are unaware that farm animals are also used in animal testing. Our pigs were used in cosmetic testing, and our goats, alpacas and rabbits were used in pharmaceutical testing.

Now, they finally get to live the lives they were meant to live.

This sprawling 17 acre wonderland will be a refuge for animals from laboratories, foreign meat trade survivors, cruelty cases, as well as senior and special needs animals.

To sponsor one of our animals or to visit the ROC, email us at: info@bfp.org

Photographs Courtesy of Rich Taylor Photography