Name: Arnold
Breed: Yucatan
Gender: Male
Age: 3 Year Old
Location: Los Angeles, CA.

It is highly likely Arnold was used in skin studies, as pigs are often subjected to third degree burns and other skin testing experiments. Pigs are very intelligent and social animals that have been used in research for centuries. They are used in a wide variety of research studies, which includes biomedical and agricultural testing. Pigs are purpose breed for toxicology and pharmacology studies, transplantation studies, dermatological studies which include wound and injury healing and even plastic surgery studies. Pigs have become a popular animal model for research because of not only their docile nature and physiology, but because many people lack any emotional attachment and compassion towards them.

Arnold, like many other pigs used in laboratories for research, is a sweet and friendly animal. When he was rescued, he was small enough to carry. Now, he has grown into a full-grown adult Yucatan, weighing over 250 LBS. Arnold would thrive in a home with other animals – he has been around pigs and dogs. Because he is a large pig like a pot-bellied pig, he will need a lot of space to roam in. He loves all kinds of food and loves human company!

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