It is a magical place hidden in the hills, for animals and humans to come together and heal each other.

The ‘ROC’ will provide sanctuary for some of our larger animals to enjoy their new freedom. It will act as a soft landing spot for our special needs animals where they will be rehabilitated before they go to their forever homes, and it will also serve as an education center, where we educate children and adults about animal testing, living a cruelty-free lifestyle and more!

Because of supporters like YOU it has finally opened its doors.

Couldn’t make the event?

The ‘ROC” will house a large amount of our animal survivors, ranging from goats, rabbits, chickens, dogs and even pigs. We want to make sure we are prepared for anything and everything. The ROC is located in Southern California, an area that is prone to wildfires. Help us purchase an Emergency Animal Evacuation Vehicle so that we can be prepared for any natural disasters that might occur.