Save Our Seniors - SOS

Save Our Seniors (SOS)


Save Our Seniors (SOS), is a BFP program specializing in rescuing & rehabilitating special needs senior animals.

Unfortunately, many senior animals are forgotten. They are dumped at high kill shelters by families who they trusted simply because they are “old” or “sick.”

SOS exists to get them out of danger and into loving arms, and let them live the rest of their lives in love and comfort; whether that be for just a few days or hopefully longer.

Click here to become a forever foster for a senior dog in need. By becoming a forever foster, you are giving them hope, a home and so much more.

BFP pays for their life-long care so you don’t have to be concerned about it, all you need to do is love them and care for them. What a gift to give!







Save Our Seniors - Hazel Dawn