Urgent! Animals Needing Placement

Lab and Animal Shelter Doors Are Closing!


With COVID-19 threatening our world, laboratories across the nation have begun closing their doors. This means that the animals need a place to go.

We have already heard that some places have begun killing the animals, while others, are reaching out and looking for placement.

BFP wants everyone to know that we are working around the clock and are READY to take in any and ALL animals who need placement.

If you work at a laboratory or facility that has animals who need a place to go, please contact us immediately at: 818-382-6500 or info@BFP.org

Any placement will remain entirely confidential. BFP has secured ground transport across the United States so that air travel does not have to be involved and is ready at any given moment to take in these animals into loving homes prepared for them.

As is always the case, if you would like to contact us confidentially, you may contact us here: confidential@BFP.org

Animal Shelters

Los Angeles Shelters have shut their doors and Beagle Freedom Project is doing its part to assist in getting dogs and cats into homes so they do not have to suffer during this crisis.

While we are all sheltering in place, now is an amazing time to foster or adopt a furry friend in need! Please consider saving a life and BFP will help.

Below is a list of animals in the shelter in urgent need of rescue. If you would like to adopt one, email us at adopt@BFP.org and we will discuss the process.

There are many dogs and cats who have special medical needs but we are not legally allowed to post them here. If you are interested in fostering or adopting one of them, please let us know and we will privately send you their photo and information.

BFP is a partner with LA shelters which means we can do a “rescue pull” for those urgent or medical animals. We will pay for medical care and we will deliver the animals to your door.

You will still be required to fill out a foster or adoption application and pass our usual requirements but we want to make adopting and fostering as easy as possible during this time and get these animals out since they are not being seen by the public.


Thank you for saving a life!

Jane & Tiny Dancer