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The Mission


Beagle Freedom Project is a non-profit animal rescue and advocacy organization and the world’s leading organization for rescuing and rehoming animals used in experimental research. BFP is dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of animals used in testing and research and subjected to other forms of unique cruelty, abuse and neglect. BFP strives to end this cruelty through its educational programs, campaign initiatives and lobbying efforts to make the world a better, safer and healthier place for both animals and people alike.

Since 2010 the charity has been freeing survivors from laboratory experiments, senior and special needs animals from shelters, and victims of horrific abuse from around the world.

No matter what the condition, the location, or the expense, Beagle Freedom Project stands at the ready to rescue, rehabilitate, and repeat.

BFP's rescue puppy Daisy Mae

Our mission is to help animals suffering in captivity
and give them a chance at freedom.

Latest News

If Whitney could talk, this is what she’d say.

Sometimes we get trapped in the static of every day. You forget what matters, forget how important your life is, your freedom is, the choices you make, the details of every second that change every minute, that define every hour, and impact your lifetime.
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My name is Echo. The only reason I was ever born was to be used in animal experimentation. For years, I only knew a small cage, isolation, cruelty, and neglect. I was poked, prodded, and cut open for experiments.
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ARK Rescue

On September 26, 2019, Beagle Freedom Project transported 18 animals who had spent their lives in a laboratory to freedom at BFP’s new Rescue + Outreach center in North Carolina. The 7 pigs, 6 goats and 2 alpacas could’t wait to run through the grassy fields and play in the kiddie pools and mud baths. The 3 rabbits saw sunshine for the first time and explored their wonderful outdoor/indoor custom habitat.
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We are liberating animals directly from abuse and we cannot do it without you.

As a member of the Rescue Warrior Club, your monthly donations ensure Beagle Freedom Project has the funds to rescue any and every animal cruelty victim, in any situation, at any moment!

The animals who are locked in cages rely on your support to secure their freedom.



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Willie’s heading to Lenny Boy!

Charlotte, North Carolina (October 13th 2019 ⋆ 4 PM – 6 PM EDT)


Attend An Event

Freedom Fest ’19

Lincolnton, North Carolina (October 19th 2019 ⋆ 3 PM – 6 PM EDT)


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