Freedom Fields

In 2021, Beagle Freedom Project was contacted by the owner of a laboratory in Nowata, Oklahoma. He had received our letter asking that the animals he was breeding and using for testing be given a chance at life instead of having them euthanized after treatment. He agreed that we could step in to get these survivors into new, loving homes. These dogs and cats were used for toxicity testing. Their whole life all they knew was testing, confinement, loneliness, and for many, this meant long-term trauma. If they weren’t being used in a test trial, they lived outside, bearing the extreme weather of the Oklahoma plains.

Our team at BFP would jump to action any time we were informed that animals were ready to be released. Together we would line up loving and patient foster homes, then we’d travel from California and liberate as many as we could. This usually meant 20-30 animals, but each time, we would attempt to take more than was originally agreed upon. The pain we felt having to leave so many behind was excruciating. We vowed we would come back and that they would all be free.


Now, just three years later, we have made that vow a reality!


As of February 1, 2024, Beagle Freedom Project has successfully shut down this massive animal testing laboratory! This closure ends one third of the toxic flea and tick testing industry in the United States, sparing the lives of thousands of dogs and cats!

Original Source: NBC News


The previous owner has now relinquished his animal testing license to the USDA and BFP has custody of all the animals – more than 200 dogs and cats! Now, they are free and are the new occupants of our newly dubbed Freedom Fields! We are transforming the 30-acre property into a sanctuary and rehabilitation center dedicated to ensuring survivors overcome their traumatic past and step into their new lives of freedom.

This historic victory was no easy feat, and we still have so much to accomplish. We now need our supporters more than ever! We are committed to providing ongoing care for these and other animals BFP rescues from testing – ensuring each receives thorough medical treatment, nutritious food, safe and beautiful habitats, space to roam, and all the protection, love, play, enrichment, and freedom they deserve! We are so grateful for our supporters all over the world who believe in our mission and want to help us make a difference.


Freedom Fields
Freedom Fields


Please see below for ways to be a part of this incredible journey. If you are in or near Nowata and want to volunteer your time, we would love to have you! Or if you want to donate to help fund one of the many projects we have in store for Freedom Fields, you can allocate it to something that resonates with you. Thank you for believing in what BFP does and for giving these survivors a second chance!



Please see our wish list below and help us turn this once laboratory into a place of freedom and love!

Note the location is Nowata, Oklahoma


Contractors, Electricians, Builders & Handy-People & Contractors! We need you so bad!

  • Help us renovate the kennels into condos!
  • HVAC
  • Cement-work, gravel
  • Wood-work
  • Drywall & paint
  • Lighting
  • Flooring/medical grade
  • Fencing
  • Windows
  • Patio/lawn/grass/trees and more
  • NEW Construction: New buildings


VOLUNTEERS – Help these dogs and cats! They do not know freedom or love, help show them what it’s all about

  • Walk the dogs: Show them that it’s FUN to go on a walk and leave a cage
  • Brush and groom dogs
  • Play with dogs: teach them what toys are, they have never been given toys so they don’t understand, show them it’s fun to play!
  • Sit and be still with some plain old love. Some are so scare they just need you to sit and love them.
  • Love on and play with the cats! They are all so desperate for love and affection!
  • Groom the cats!
  • Help feed the animals
  • Help clean up!


Freedom Fields
Freedom Fields
Freedom Fields
Freedom Fields