We need your help now! The city of Muskegon, Michigan JUST covertly approved the sale of land to Northern Biomedical Research for their expansion. This facility is known for conducting inhumane tests, mainly on primates and dogs, that are meant to cause pain and distress!


The simple reason for the commission’s decision? Cold. Hard. Cash. They claim it would not only bring jobs, but a significant amount of revenue from taxes. They chose to inflict PAIN FOR PROFIT.

Animal testing is unethical, unreliable, unnecessary, and dangerous to humans. We must stand up for these innocent animals – and the many more that will be tortured because of this expansion.

The City’s lack of transparency just goes to show, what we at BFP have been addressing for years, that the animal testing industry has something to hide! They are so ashamed of what they do that they won’t let us inside and fight to release their animals.

Now, the City of Muskegon seems to be in the pocket of the testing industry.

The commission HID the fact that they were voting on an animal testing facility being built and tricked those on attendance into believing it was the simple sale of a plot of land.

The residents of Muskegon do not want this in their backyard and they need your support. The animals, most of all, need our voices. Contact the Mayor, the media, and the City Commissioners and tell them that their secret vote will not stand!

We will not let this laboratory be built.

This is deceit and this is despicable!

Northern Biomedical Research

Decision Makers:

Mayor, Ken Johnson - ken.johnson@shorelinecity.com

City Manager, Frank Peterson - frank.peterson@shorelinecity.com

Vice Mayor, Eric Hood - eric.hood@shorelinecity.com

Teresa Emory - teresa.emory@shorelinecity.com

Michael Ramsey - michael.ramsey@shorelinecity.com

Rebecca St. Clair - rebecca.stclair@shorelinecity.com

Rachel Gorman - rachel.gorman@shorelinecity.com

Wille German Jr - willie.germanjr@shorelinecity.com

All Commision - CommissionAll@shorelinecity.com


Media to contact:

Muskegon Times
Email: muskegontimes@gmail.com (Anna Gustafson)
Call: 616-843-0106

Email: staff@wmkg.com
Call: 231-375-0520

Call: 616-456-8888

The Grand Rapids Press
Email: grnews@mlive.com

Muskegon Chronicle
Email: munews@mlive.com

Fox 17
Email: news@fox17online.com