Dozens of dogs saved from slaughterhouses in China will meet their new fur-ever families in California this weekend thanks to a Big Apple-based rescue group.

The 27 lucky pooches — including 18 adorable beagles — will be flown 14 hours from Beijing to Los Angeles by No Dogs Left Behind, which rescues pups from the dog meat trade.

“These families are bringing home survivors,” Kristine Wallace, a rep for the group told The Post.

“Every one of these dogs is an ambassador for change — and part of a story that opens peoples’ eyes to animal cruelty.”

To save the dogs destined for the dinner plate, volunteer Jeffrey Beri and a group of animal activists ten months spent 10 months — in “tougher than normal” pandemic conditions — following meat trucks and confronting the owners of illegal wet markets and slaughterhouses in China, the group said.

They used “on-the-ground intelligence,” including help from local activists privy to “meat truck driving patterns” to bust pooch peddlers, Wallace said.

Since the operations are often run without valid licenses, dog meat traders usually hand over live dogs “when challenged” by members of the rescue organization, she said.

“We then take the [dogs] in to be rehabbed — to get used to being touched and talked to in kindness,” Wallace told The Post.

“When they’re ready, we put them up for adoption.”

A heartfelt video released by No Dogs Left Behind shows several sweet-faced beagles — including furballs named Flash, Lacy, and Clover — who got a new ‘leash’ on life thanks to the rescue mission.

The pups are shown eating and getting meds while scoring plenty of neck rubs.

On Saturday and Sunday, the 27 dogs are scheduled to arrive at Los Angeles International Airport, where families from Oregon, Colorado and California will be waiting for them, Wallace said.

No Dogs Left Behind, which partnered with the Beagle Freedom Project and Rescue Paw Foundation on the project, has saved over 200 pooches over the course of the 2020 Holiday season, according to a press release from the group.

Original Article: New York Post