ROUND ROCK, Texas (KXAN) — Half a dozen dogs arrived in Round Rock Friday after an animal cruelty prevention organization rescued them from a laboratory in Mexico.

The Rescue + Freedom Project took in six dogs as well as five rabbits and six guinea pigs. The charity said the animals were “subjected to a life of confinement” and testing at a lab.

“These animals don’t have a voice. We’re their voice for them. They never asked to be sold to a laboratory,” volunteer Martin Palmer said. “There’s no reason for testing in this day and age.”

The organization said the rabbits are currently being kept in San Antonio, while the guinea pigs were sent to a home in California.

The dogs, though, were all brought to the Shady Acres Pet Ranch in Round Rock, which will house them until they find people to foster or adopt.

Tom Wittkower, who owns Shady Acres, said his staff members will provide special care and attention to the dogs.

“One of the things that’s important for a dog coming out of a situation where it’s been in closed up in a kennel, I think, is to come to a facility where they can actually play with other dogs and interact socially,” Wittkower said.

“We have trainers on staff,” he added, “that will actually start to introduce these dogs to larger groups, give them social interaction and hopefully give them a better chance at being adopted.”

Christi Rawls picked up one of the dogs Friday afternoon from Shady Acres so that she could foster it at her home in Houston.

“Just to be able to open my heart and home feels special,” Rawls said, smiling. “These guys deserve it. They’ve been through a lot.”

Veterinarians will check out all the dogs rescued from the lab, but right now it appears they’re in pretty good shape. In the past animals saved from similar situations have suffered from different health issues, including blindness, metal stuck in their bodies and poor socialization.

“It really comes down to just having a lot of patience and compassion,” Palmer said. “If you have patience and compassion, these dogs are for you.”

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