Nine years ago today, I rescued our very first beagles
from an animal testing facility in California.

Never could I have imagined that the rescue of those two sweet, innocent lives would bring us to where we are today.

I am grateful, humbled, touched and honored.

Beagle Freedom Project is an unstoppable force because of you, our amazing supporters, our fosters, our adopters, our donors, our volunteers, our tireless front-liners, and so many others who risk their jobs and their lives to alert us to atrocities in order to save lives.

We thank you. We are a family. We are one, united for the animals.

On this day, December 23rd, we celebrate freedom, we celebrate accomplishments and we celebrate what is to come. I light 9 candles for the joyous years that have illuminated the lives saved.

The more we have, the more we can do.

Today, I ask that you GIVE $9 for us, for them, for the future.

Yours in Freedom,

Shannon Keith Signature

– Shannon Keith, Esq.