Meet the lucky survivors of “Robbie’s Rescue,” named after an angel up above watching over these eight lucky survivors from China.

Daisy, Jenny, Abby, Alice, Betty, Eileen, Rita and Ella all animal testing survivors that were rescued from a truck heading to slaughter. LET THAT SINK IN. They were experimented on then going to be slaughtered for meat. That is more pain and suffering than any life should ever endure. They came to us with missing and rotting teeth, canines growing inwards causing severe pain, heart issues, curious implants in their bodies, and more…

Gaia (Bonita)- A young Husky who was starved, beaten and tortured with chemicals.

Bennie – A 6 month old Labrador puppy who was found paralyzed on the streets.

All of these sweet survivors are now safe in their foster homes except for Bennie, who is in a rehab clinic. He is learning to use his wheels and is getting physical therapy.

Our hope is that one day he will walk again, but the chances are slim. In a few weeks, Bennie will need his forever home. Someone who can be his partner, someone who also understands he is a puppy with no idea he is paralyzed. He loves life and just wants to play!

These rescues are difficult. They are painful. They take months of planning and care. But they are what we do and we love every second of it.

Without us, they would have no life.

Without you, there would be no us.

You + Us = A Rescued Life