Bennie is a fighter!

The adorable black Lab was abandoned on the streets of China. Worse yet, the 6-month-old canine’s rear legs were paralyzed.

Thankfully, where there are lows there are also highs: Bennie was saved by rescuers and is currently being cared for.

In hopes of getting the friendly pooch walking on his own again, rescuers set up surgery for Bennie. It has been several months since his operation, and the Lab still can’t walk unassisted.

But the Beagle Freedom Project still has a lot of hope and help to offer. The non-profit has brought Bennie to the United States, where he can get physical therapy and possibly another surgery if needed.

These extra efforts could be the final step to getting this dog moving again. But to make it happen, the Beagle Freedom Project needs a little help, too. The organization is currently looking for someone to adopt the special needs canine, who is currently in Los Angeles receiving care, so he is able rest his head in a loving home while he undergoes his treatments and physical therapy.

“Uses wheels well. Is adorable and sweet and wants to play and kiss all day! Has no idea he is paralyzed,” is how the rescue sums up the spunky personality behind this sweet face.

The Rescue + Freedom project is looking for any pet parents who are willing to put in a little extra care to kickstart Bennie’s second chance.

“Beagle Freedom Project will be there every step of the way to make sure the transition, therapy and surgery are covered, but we need someone special to open their door and heart,” the rescue writes on Bennie’s adoption page.

Original Article: People