Name: Apollo
Breed: Labrador Retriever
Gender: Male
Age: Approximately 4 years old
Location: Ontario, Canada

I am adopted. Woohoo!!

Adopter Update:
He loves to carry shoes to greet us. His whole butt wiggles when he is happy. He is by our sides at all times. He loves water and balls (much better at fetching then returning the ball). He hops over things like a bunny rabbit, all four paws leave the floor at the same time…it’s really funny. He paces way less than at the beginning, but he still is a bit of a pacer. He is a kind, loving, sweet soul!! Thank you for all the work you do to save so many!

Background Story:
Look at that adorable face! Apollo was rescued this year from China’s meat trade where she was beaten and treated horribly! Luckily she was rescued by our partners in China and brought over to us (Beagle Freedom Project), where she is now decompressing and learning to trust again in a loving foster home. Since Apollo has been in a home, we have seen that he is really sweet and kind! He loves hanging out in the kitchen while food is being prepared, he loves socks, and hanging out with his foster family! He’s adjusting very well and is ready for his forever home!