After spending the past 7 years in a laboratory, Elton the Beagle is finally free! He was so cooped up in the lab, but now, he is finally living life the way that a dog should. And he has plenty of Beagle friends to help him celebrate his new life.

Elton faced the unimaginable at the laboratory, and he will likely never forget the things that he saw there under animal testing. He will now live a free life and be happy with his forever family in a house full of Beagles. What a dream!

This dog likely underwent testing for cosmetics or pharmaceuticals, both of which were probably horrifying to experience. He was probably so uncomfortable and scared during the tests and he didn’t know why he was being punished. Beagles are often used in lab experiments due to their trusting nature. It creates a heartbreaking scene when they are finally rescued, and given love for the first time in their lives.

Beagles make some of the greatest pets out there and anyone would have been lucky to adopt Elton. He’s such a sweet boy who is deserving of so much love. It’s such a miracle that he managed to make it out alive.

Elton will now get to live his life in paradise, alongside other Beagles. They are all so cute hanging out with him!


How to Fight Animal Testing

One of the biggest ways to fight animal testing is to hit the company in the wallet. If you avoid buying products that are tested on animals, then you will help the company become less profitable. There are other companies that signify that they don’t test on animals with a “leaping bunny” certification.

This means that the product was developed without animal testing. When you can purchase a product made without animal testing, you are voting for the animal’s safety. Most products without animal testing are labeled with the leaping bunny logo.

You can also help fight animal testing by sharing important videos of animals being rescued and rehabilitated from animal testing. This will help to educate your friends and family about the horrors of this industry, and also how they can help.

Another way to help fight animal testing is to support politicians who have the animals’ best interest in mind. You can help them lobby for change for the animals by showing support in their campaigns and writing letters to other members of the lawmaking community to help them become educated about animal testing.

One of the best ways to fight animal testing is to donate to organizations that help rescue animals from testing such as the Beagle Freedom Project. You can both donate to the mission of the organization and also even adopt a Beagle from the group. They do such great things for the animals and would be overjoyed to see more support.

Original Source: Yahoo!