On Tuesday, October 31, a beagle rescue and advocacy group shared a touching video about one of their recent rescues. In the clip, this pup named Honey goes on a walk for the first time after living in a laboratory for 8 years, thanks to Beagle Freedom Project.

The footage of this heartwarming moment was shared on the non-profit’s TikTok account, @beaglefreedom, and no one can get enough of it. There isn’t a dry eye around after watching this video!

Oh my goodness, this is so sweet! Honey’s first walk after 8 years is one for the memory books. She was eagerly sniffing all the fun and different scents she encountered on the walk and trotted along the path with a gait that made clear she was excited about this new experience. While Honey isn’t fully acclimated to her new life of freedom, it’s clear that she feels hopeful for the first time in a while. We’re so happy for her!

Beagles are one of the most common dog breeds to be used in laboratory testing due to their docile nature, manageable size, and relatively uniform genetics. These characteristics, in addition to their well-documented health history and adaptability to controlled environments, make them suitable test subjects for a wide range of research studies, from pharmaceutical drug testing to toxicology experiments.

However, subjecting animals to experiments that can cause suffering and harm, often with little choice in the matter, raises moral concerns about our treatment of our fellow living beings. Advocates for alternatives and stricter regulations, like Beagle Freedom Project, emphasize the importance of finding more humane and effective research methods to minimize the suffering of these animals while still advancing scientific knowledge.

People in the comments are heartbroken over Honey’s sad and traumatic past. “Imagine being tortured for 8 years…and no one speaks YOUR language,” said TikTok user @akashathequeen.

All animal lovers should support the work of Beagle Freedom Project and other organizations like it. No animals should be trapped in a laboratory and experimented on!

Original Source: Parade Pets

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