In recent years there has been a large movement away from animal testing. This means that dogs that were previously being used for testing in laboratories are being rescued and becoming available for adoption, just like these pups.

Beagle Freedom Project is a non-profit organization dedicated to the rescuing and rehoming of animals used in research testing. They recently shared a video on their TikTok account, @beaglefreedom, about three beagles that they recently rescued from a laboratory overseas. Check out the video to see these pups take their first steps of freedom!

OMG, these dogs are just precious. We are so thankful they were rescued and are able to receive the love and care they deserve! No animals should ever have to go through what these pups experienced.

People in the comments are heartbroken for these dogs. @yoyonvegas said, “My heart breaks for these poor dogs. Look into their sweet beautiful faces and see the love they need and want to give back. I pray who did that gets karma.” Another user, @b.tch_u_guessed_it, commented, “Heart breaking but beautiful.” We hope these babies get adopted soon so they can get comfort and security from their new families.

Others praised Beagle Freedom Project for their noble work. @blessed_427 commented, “OMG, thank you for all you do in helping to rescue these poor babies. They deserve happiness! God bless them and all of you.” Another user, @misstr33leonard, said, “Yay! This is beautiful! Keep up the amazing work!” We are so impressed with these amazing volunteers!

We are so glad that these beagles were rescued from the laboratory, and they will be given the opportunity to find their forever homes and live great lives. Thank you to this wonderful rescue!

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@beaglefreedom Beagle Freedom Project rescued 3 beagles from a laboratory. Their only existance was inside the cold walls of the facility. Here are their first steps of freefom. #beaglefreedomproject #endanimlatesting #enanimalcruelty ♬ Inspiring Emotional Piano – Metrow Ar