It was one of the most significant storms to hit Southern California in years. However, that did not stop Beagle Freedom from liberating over 20 beagles who spent their entire lives being tested on in a laboratory. Most of these beings were between 3 and 8 years old, having never experienced the outdoors or grass beneath their paws.

Beagle Freedom headquarters were prepared and ready to receive and evaluate the health of every soul about to take their first steps of freedom before uniting them with their foster families. From the vet techs standing by examining and microchipping to our volunteers at Tika pet giving fresh warm baths, it was an assembly line of freedom!

With everything they have gone through, these beagles will need extensive and ongoing veterinary care to ensure that the rest of their lives will be filled with health and happiness.

Please consider donating so we may provide everything they need to thrive and continue opening cages for more to come!