We just SHUT DOWN a Class A USDA-licensed animal breeder and now 20 dogs, including pure-bred huskies, will now know a life filled with nothing but love.

As part of our mission and outreach we send letters every year to not only animal testing laboratories, but also to Class A and B USDA licensed breeders.

Earlier this month, BFP received a call from a breeder who received that letter telling us they had a couple of dogs who were no longer profitable if we wanted them.

After a lengthy conversation with BFP President, Shannon Keith, they agreed to cease operations immediately, sign legal documents to the same effect and relinquish all dogs to us.



“Beagle Freedom Project’s ultimate mission is to end the systematic machine that keeps animal suffering going. Breeders are a huge part of this problem. Breeders sell to animal testing laboratories, pet stores and other places where these dogs continue to be bred, abused and treated like property. Besides breeders selling for laboratory testing, our entire country is in a crisis with unwanted animals in shelters who are killed for lack of space. We are thrilled we shut this place down,” said Shannon Keith, president of BFP.



Consider opening your heart and home to one of these sweet souls.



Rescues take a lot to accomplish, and hey need your help today!