The Brown’s represent everything Beagle Freedom Project strives to achieve. Freedom for animals who have lived their lives in research labs and families joined together in a shared mission. Angela Brown and her family first heard about Beagle Freedom Project from the Spanish 40 rescue in November 2011. Guardians of an elderly beagle, Buddy, they were familiar with the breed. Like many, Angela was shocked to learn that animal testing still existed, especially on her beloved breed. The Brown’s made it their purpose to educate others on the horrors of animal testing. The entire Brown crew has passionately dedicated themselves to the BFP mission choosing to use their voice to speak for the animals.

This Salem, Virginia family adopted two laboratory beagles, Cate, 3, and Gilligan, 8. Spending the first years of their lives behind bars as wasteful experiments where they learned to tuck their paws so they didn’t get stuck in the metal wiring, “Cate the Great” and “Little Buddy” Gilligan have become integral members of this family where there is never a shortage of love. Even Buddy jumped on board, taking the lead in showing Cate the ropes of becoming a dog and part of their family.

Twice the family made the trek to Washington, DC to attend the annual Red, White & Beagle fundraiser. Eva, the oldest, received a character award for her advocacy work on behalf of the beagles, wrote a letter to the local paper, and made an appearance in a radio interview with her brother Zack. Both kids wrote letters pleading with local representatives to pass the Beagle Freedom Bill. A school assignment with the theme of making the world a better place, Eva chose ‘imagine if there was a world where there was no testing on animals.’ We hope so, Eva. We sure hope so.

The Brown’s lost Buddy in 2016. Through their grief, they believe Buddy led them to Gilligan. According to Angela, these dogs have taught them love, life and how to overcome and forgive. “We have been paid back so much more in return.”

As an organization, it is heartwarming for us to witness families like the Browns who have chosen Beagle Freedom Project as their cause.

Find out why they’ve chosen to pour their energy into helping other survivors find freedom.