Name: Cali
Breed: Shepherd/beagle mix
Gender: Female
Age: Young
Location: Southern California

Cali’s story is the ultimate story of survival. She was scared and alone on the streets of China; lost and with no one to protect her. She likely spent her time running from people and scavenging for her next meal. One day, she was caught by some people intent on making her into dinner. Thankfully, some caring people stepped in and convinced Cali’s captors to turn her over to them instead. This was the beginning of her long road to freedom.

Our friends in China asked Beagle Freedom Project to take Cali in to start her new life. We flew Cali over 6000 miles to the US. When she finally arrived here, she was so afraid that she wouldn’t leave her kennel. She had no idea that people could be good to her. We found the perfect foster home for Cali. Her foster family welcomed this terrified dog into their home with open arms. Cali had some doggie friends to help her learn how to be a companion and finally stop running.

This ultimate survivor still bears the scars from her traumatic past, but with slowly and surely she learns to trust. Progress with Cali is often measured in tiny increments. It took her foster family weeks before Cali allowed even gentle pets. Then she learned to try (and love) ice cream. She learned how to cuddle in a comfy bed with her dog siblings. Just recently, she leapt onto her foster mom’s bed, bringing tears of joy to everyone.

Cali is now ready to add the “forever home” chapter to her story. She is still much more comfortable with other dogs so having a dog in the home already is an absolute must for her. She also needs a family with the patience of a saint. She will continue to make everyone cry with tiny bits of progress, but eventually some day soon Cali will reward her lucky family with the knowledge that they are truly her home. Cali will relax, let her people pet her, go lay in the sun and truly be at peace.