On Tuesday, the Delaware Senate voted to stop automatically killing perfectly healthy cats and dogs who’d been retired from their positions as test animals.

The legislation passed unanimously.

“I’m honestly amazed that this was even a debate,” said Sen. Jack Walsh (D-Stanton), a rescue dog owner himself. “We have healthy animals that research labs don’t want. We have local shelters that are willing to care for them. We have families that might want to adopt them. It defies reason that anyone would choose to euthanize them instead of giving them a second lease on life. If just one of these animals becomes a pet, all of the work that went into this bill will be worth it.”

He called the bill as humane as it is common-sense.

“Being an animal lover, I want to thank Sen. Walsh for bringing this important piece of legislation forward,” said Rep. Kim Williams, prime House sponsor of Senate Bill 101. “Every animal deserves the opportunity to find a loving home.”

Beagles are common targets for research facilities because of their “docile demeanor,” according to Beagle Freedom Project.

Retirees George and Gigi were present in the chamber for the vote. They were both very good.

Original Article: WDEL