A group of four dogs named for members of Queen (because they all just want somebody to love) were able to break free – and are about to have it all.

In 2018, Freddie, May, Taylor, and Johnnie – also known as the “Bohemian Woof-sody” – were all stuck in the inhumane squalor of a South Korea dog meat farm. Today, the four canines are on U.S. soil searching for forever families.

According to Rescue + Freedom Project, all of the canines, who the organizations says were likely pets before they were “ambushed and imprisoned” by the dog meat farm, were slated to be slaughtered before Rescue + Freedom Project stepped in along with the South Korea-based non-profit Koni.

The two groups rescued the pups from the dog meat trade and brought them to the U.S.

Bohemian Woof-sody arrived in Valley Village, California, on Jan. 18. Rescue + Freedom Project arranged a party to welcome the dogs to their new home. At the festivities, the pooches experienced the feeling of grass under their paws once again and received the affection and praise they had been denied for months.

Along with hugs and kisses, each of the dogs got a coat, toys and treats. After the party ended, the celebration continued for the four dogs, each of whom went home with a foster family.

Now that they are safe, Rescue + Freedom Project is working on finding the dogs forever homes while also providing the pets with top veterinary care.

Original Article: People