Echo has a story you won’t believe.

Approximately 65,000 dogs are used in animal experimentation each year in the United States. Most of those dogs do not make it out of the lab alive but Echo is one of the lucky ones. Her captivating story is one we must share to raise awareness of the suffering that so many animals, like Echo, experience in the lab.

Share… And Never Forget.

My name is Echo. The only reason I was ever born was to be used in animal experimentation. For years, I only knew a small cage, isolation, cruelty, and neglect. I was poked, prodded, and cut open for experiments. This misery was worse than death itself and there were days I didn’t want to go on. But for some reason, I kept fighting. I kept surviving.

In January 2018, my whole world changed. Thanks to supporters like YOU, Beagle Freedom Project saved ME! They brought me and my friends back to California and showed me that people are capable of kindness and compassion. I now have my own fur-ever family that shows me love, provides me with comfort (and treats!), and most importantly – I now know what happiness feels like. I am truly loved.

You also may have noticed – I have one eye due to years of testing. I am also completely blind. But that’s okay – I don’t let that slow me down! Actually, I love to spend my days hanging with my family, eating delicious foods, being an absolute wild child, and singing! My mommy sings to me and I sing back while I stomp my sassy little feet! Watch out Beyoncé! ArrOoOooO!

Thank you again for all your love and support. Because of YOU, I am free. Free from a cage. Free from suffering. Free to be a dog. Because of you, I have survived.

Echo grooming her sibling
Sleepy Echo
Echo with her mama