The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced that it will drastically reduce animal testing with a hopeful phase out by 2035.

While this is a huge stride in the right direction, BFP remains cautiously optimistic.

We know this decision will not come without a fight. The industries that profit off of the suffering of animals will push back.

That is why BFP remains determined to rescue more animal testing survivors from labs and pass the Beagle Freedom Bill in more states across the US.

We will continue to speak out for the animals who still languish in cages – and we need YOUR help to do it!

BFP will not sit by and wait for the law to change. We have never done that, and we never will. We will continue to be proactive and be the voice for our animals in peril.

When the EPA made this announcement, one of the media’s first calls was to Beagle Freedom Project, the leading non-profit in the rescue, re-homing and advocacy of former laboratory animals.

Watch BFP’s Vice President go more in depth about the EPA’s announcement below.


A Beagle in a cage
A Beagle in a cage
A Beagle in a cage