It was a sweltering ninety-degree day when our dedicated rescue team, accompanied by a handful of compassionate volunteers, made a trip to liberate twenty animals from a testing facility. The ages of these precious souls range from just a few months to nine years old. In total, ten cats and ten dogs were rescued and are now experiencing their first steps of freedom in loving foster homes. These magical moments are occurring across the country, with gentle fosters in Michigan, Alabama, California, Nevada, New Mexico, Arizona, Texas, Utah, & Illinois.



While we know freedom will be the best chapter of their lives, our team is working hard to help them through a variety of medical challenges. Many of them are underweight, anemic and have medical plans in place to address their individual needs. One of these heartbreaking stories is Bessie, an estimated 3-year-old beagle with salivary mucocele, which is the accumulation of saliva that has leaked from an injured salivary gland. Our vet recommends surgery to remove the gland completely. Poor Bessie is also on antibiotics for a lungworm infestation.

There’s also sweet Rustin, a nine-year-old beagle who spent his entire life in a laboratory. He is riddled with whipworms and hookworms – which have caused severe anemia. Rustin also has enlarged kidneys, likely a symptom of the onset kidney disease. As if that’s not enough, this special soul has been experiencing blood clots in his urine, heart problems & emaciation.

These are just two stories, with 18 more waiting to be told. 18 other voices waiting to be heard.

To ensure their overall health and happiness, extensive and ongoing veterinary care will be provided as long as they need it. For some of our special animals, that could be for their entire lifetime.

Please considering donating to provide the care they deserve.