Back to the east coast this week to meet one of the Beantown Beagles. Affectionately called ‘Baby’ by his human sister, Erin, meet Barkhamsted, CT resident Finn!

BFP: How did your family find you?
Finn: My mom watched a video of BFP Viva Las Vegas Rescue and started researching like crazy. And then. . .ta-da! I appeared!

BFP: How old are you?
Finn: I am turning 5 in February (I think–I’m not so good with numbers).

BFP: How did you get your name?
Finn: My foster mom Connie named me before my family adopted me and the name stuck.

BFP: How long were you in the lab?
Finn: A little over a year (I think–see above; not good with numbers)

BFP: Tell us about your adjustment after spending your first year in a research lab?
Finn: I was petrified of water when my family adopted me. My mom would practice bathing with me by putting my paw in the water and giving me a treat every day. Slowly she increased the water to my entire arm and so on until I was able to not only tolerate a short bath but LOVE baths!

BFP: Tell us about your family?
Finn: I have two older canine siblings, Moose & Bubbles, who are golden retrievers. I have a younger canine brother named Vito who is a Chocolate Lab (he is my best friend). I also have two feline sisters named Ella & Gigi.

BFP: What is your best trick?
Finn: I can walk/jog in circles with a toy in my mouth doing clockwise lap after lap for what seems like forever…no one quite knows why I do this although it does seem to be a ritual that relaxes me. If you turn me counter clockwise, I stop & turn around to continue in my clockwise lap.
BFP: I’m dizzy just thinking about that!

BFP: What is your worst habit?
Finn: I often decide I want to sit where my canine sister Bubbles is sitting and since she will move for me, I fully take advantage of that.

BFP: Who is your best friend?
Finn: I just told you! My best canine friend is an 11-month-old Chocolate Lab my mom rescued, named Vito.

BFP: What is your biggest pet peeve?
Finn: Car rides…. I can’t stand them! I also don’t like being woken up from napping.

BFP: Any Favorites?
Finn: I enjoy playing with a nice empty water bottle. My favorite place is a warm sunny spot of burrowed under a blanket.

BFP: Nicknames?
Finn: Finnegan, Finntastic, Finnley Park, Finn-fergh-nugen, Finn Newton,

BFP: What is something you do that makes your family laugh?
Finn: I bulge my eyes out when I howl and tuck my arms in under my torso when I jump at my canine brother Vito (my BFF in case you forgot).

BFP: Anything else you’d like us to know?
Finn: I love to stay warm. If there is a sunny spot, I’m in it! I like to burrow in under blankets too!

BFP: One word to describe you
Finn: Quirky