NOWATA, OKLAHOMA, UNITED STATES , April 18, 2024 / — What do an influencer, a beagle rescue, and a pet fence company have in common? They are the driving force behind a transformative collaboration that is reshaping pet safety and welfare.

Nathan (Kehn) The CatLady, a prominent influencer and passionate advocate for cat welfare, and Beagle Freedom Project (BFP) have teamed up with Easy Pet Fence to create a safe and secure environment for rescued animals, breathing new life into a recently closed animal testing facility in Nowata, Oklahoma.

The Beagle Freedom Project, known for its dedication to rescuing animals from laboratory testing, purchased the facility, marking a significant step in their mission to provide rescued dogs and cats with love, care, and a chance for a better life.

To further this mission, they are transforming the purchased lab into Freedom Fields, a sanctuary for animals, and will get a jump start the week of April 22 as the three groups come together with volunteers to work on building pet fences for play and exercise areas for both the dog and cat residents.

Linda Sheehan, CEO of Trident Enterprises, the company that created the Easy Pet Fence brand, met Kehn at a conference earlier in the year and the two discussed opportunities to work together. Less than two weeks later, Kehn had an idea and he pitched it to Sheehan.

“We believe in the importance of creating safe and secure environments for pets, and giving our customers a simple solution,” said Sheehan. “Partnering with Nathan The CatLady and the Beagle Freedom Project to donate fencing materials was an easy decision, and it allows us to contribute to the well-being of rescued animals and promote responsible pet ownership.”

Nathan The CatLady, known for his impactful advocacy work and fostering initiatives, is thrilled to be the initiator of this collaboration. “I’m passionate about raising awareness for animals in need,” Nathan stated. “This partnership with Easy Pet Fence and the Beagle Freedom Project allows us to make a meaningful impact in the lives of rescued pets.”

Shannon Keith, president and founder of BFP, had been rescuing animals from this lab over the years. After several attempts to close it, a deal was reached and finally on Feb. 8, the sale of the land to BFP was finalized. Along with the sale, the former owner surrendered his contract research license. Freedom Fields was born.

“We are immensely grateful for the support of Easy Pet Fence and Nathan The CatLady in our efforts to build Freedom Fields and the senior dog center,” said Keith. “Their commitment to pet welfare and their willingness to lend a helping hand in transforming the lives of rescued animals is truly inspiring. With their support, we can provide a safe and loving environment for senior dogs who deserve a second chance at happiness after spending their lives as test subjects.”

The long-term plan for Freedom Fields is to open a senior dog center on the property to help rehabilitate the older pups who spent their lives as test subjects in preparation for rehoming. It will also be home to a “Cat Cafe” and has plans to make the sanctuary a special destination for pet lovers to visit and bring along their favorite furry friends.

Together, these three entities are working toward a common goal – creating a world where all pets can live free from cruelty and exploitation.

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About Easy Pet Fence:
Easy Pet Fence is a provider of pet safety solutions, offering durable and customizable DIY or do-it-yourself fencing options for outdoor spaces. With a focus on pet welfare and customer satisfaction, Easy Pet Fence aims to create secure environments for pets to thrive.

About Beagle Freedom Project:
Beagle Freedom Project is the world’s leading organization for rescuing and rehoming animals used in experimental research. Since 2010, they have liberated thousands of animals while working to end their abuse through education, advocacy, and legislation.

About Nathan The CatLady:
Nathan The CatLady (Nathan Kehn) is a prominent influencer and advocate for cat welfare, known for his impactful advocacy work and fostering initiatives. Nathan raises awareness for animals in need and promotes compassionate care for all animals.

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