From cages to costumes, our rescues teach us to celebrate life and even laugh at ourselves!
Happy Halloween from all of us at Beagle Freedom Project!

Safety Tips for Halloween
We love Halloween, but please be careful of the following:

1. The noise outside and the doorbells and knocking can scare dogs and cats, especially sensitive animals like rescues who have gone through trauma like ours. Please keep your sensitive animals in a room with the television or radio on to keep them calm.

2. The door opening and closing all night can be an easy escape route for dogs and cats, see #1 above! Adding to that, make sure your furry family members are wearing their collars, tags and GPS trackers and that they are fully charged!

3. Candy is rad! But not for dogs! Those pesky hounds know just where and how to get to it, so please keep it hidden and locked away. Get them a special dog-friendly treat for Halloween so they’re not missing out and you can all enjoy something sweet.

Look how far our sweet little animal testing survivors have come?