Name: Keanu
Breed: Beagle
Gender: Male
Age: 4 years old
Location: Texas

I am adopted. Woohoo!!

Keanu is a handsome 4 year old male beagle rescued from animal testing. He weighs about 38 lbs. Keanu loves other animals. He is great with dogs and kind towards kitties. Keanu would love a home with another dog because he enjoys their companionship and always tries to make friends with new dogs on his walks.

Keanu is housebroken and will let you know when he needs to go outside. He is super sweet with children and loves to play with people or toys! He is definitely a shoe chewer, so make sure to put your belongings up high where he won’t reach them! He is very food motivated like any beagle and knows his feeding times. He will roll over for tummy rubs, sometimes for treats or just to be pet. Sadly, Keanu is still so scared of men probably because many of the lab workers are usually male. He will sometimes venture up to a male, but he gets scared and hides. He would most likely thrive in a home with women and with at least one other dog. Because of his sad past, Keanu is still a little nervous of loud and unusual sounds.