Welcome to freedom Yoshi & Bowser!

These adorable boys suffered their entire lives in a laboratory – isolated in a cold, dark cage, where they were only let out to be tested on, until one beautiful summer day, when Yoshi and Bowser were finally freed!

Seven-year-old Bowser was originally a little shy, but the with the welcoming warmth of the California sun and the love of those around him, he took his first brave steps out onto the California grass. He soon met his foster brother, and it was love at first sight.

Sweet Yoshi is almost two, and he was eager to explore his new yard.

These life changing rescues are only possible due to the support of our compassionate donors!

Thank you for giving them their second chance at life and freedom.

Please consider a donation to help more dogs just like Yoshi & Bowser!



Leveled up to Freedom
Leveled up to Freedom