Today, fifteen beagles rescued in China will arrive in America — and be transported to the best possible place … the Vanderpump Dog Foundation. There, they will languish in splendor — and be rehabilitated — until someone adopts them.

Could you imagine a better place to land if you are a canine down on your luck? In Lisa Vanderpump’s pink paradise, where you will be groomed by hot out-of-work models, and cooed at in a cloud of English rose perfume?

The fifteen beagles were rescued by the Beagle Freedom Project, which was founded in 2010 to rescue the breed. Of the 70,000 dogs used in research experiments worldwide every year, 96% of them are beagles, according to the foundation’s website.

Thirteen of the fifteen beagles up for adoption were rescued from laboratories. Another was slated to be someone’s dinner, and the final one was a severely neglected stray. All of them are beyond adorable.

The pups will be on view starting at 7:30pm on January 11 at Vanderpump Dogs. If you can, GO. There’s no official word on when the pups will be up for adoption, but isn’t it worth it to welcome these pups to America (and possibly see what James Kennedy’s girlfriend — an employee at Vanderpump Dogs — looks like in real life)?

Original Article: Bravo