Animal supporters are celebrating the recent rescue of eight rabbits from a laboratory facility, with the animals now enjoying much-needed rest and relaxation.

In a December 18 Instagram post shared by the Beagle Freedom Project, one of the rescued rabbits experienced freedom for the first time. However, it did not come without some hesitation.

Holly spent her entire life living in a tiny cage and being used for testing, so when she was brought to freedom, she hid inside the carrier for a while. Holly was unsure about the outside world and the food that was being offered to her. But she finally took that leap of faith to liberation. “Welcome to freedom, sweet bun buns. You are SO loved!” the caption reads.

Holly, along with the other seven rabbits, has now felt grass and seen the sunny skies for the first time. Before the rescue, these rabbits had never been cuddled or received fresh vegetables. However, it did not take them long to start enjoying all that love and attention. As seen in the video, Holly looks at peace as the person gently pets her.

The rabbits are now resting and recovering in their foster homes. The Beagle Freedom Project teamed up with Wee Companions and Bunnies of North Central to connect the rescued bunnies to foster families. The next step is for the rabbits to be spayed and receive vaccinations. “Such sweet souls should never have to endure so much suffering at the hands of horrible humans. Enjoy your life now you little angel,” wrote one viewer.

Original Source: Newsweek