Name: Morgan
Breed: Beagle
Gender: Female
Age: 4 Years Old
Location: Los Angeles Area

Hi y’all, I’m Morgan!

To do list:

· Learn to trust humans
· Make new friends—I promise I’m pretty great, I’m still just a little shy!
· Take long walks and say “yes” to new adventures
· Cuddle every chance I get
· Find my forever home

You’re probably thinking, “these are things every 4-year-old dog should already know how to do.” You’re right, but I never had those opportunities. You see, I was kept inside a laboratory testing facility where all of our freedoms were taken away. Our lives were at the liberty of the people working in the lab. There were a lot of scary days and long nights, but one day the unthinkable happened. These nice people took me out of my cage and carried me to safety! I’ve got a lot still to learn, but I think I have a pretty good start with my to-do list. I would love to have someone by my side helping every step of the way… could that person be you?


If you’re interested in adopting Morgan, please fill out an adoption application or email us at: