Welcome to America, land of the free! Meet our five sweet survivors liberated from laboratory languish.

Beagle Freedom Project had the honor of helping to free 10 Korean dogs from a laboratory in Seoul, South Korea.Over the course of a several weeks BFP worked with our partner organizations there to find homes locally for these beagles.

We created a special Korean video and reached out to all our contacts in the region.

Five beagles found super homes in Seoul, but the remaining five needed special care. South Korea is an incredible country, but does not have the rich companion animal culture like the U.S.

Seoul is a big city without a lot of green spaces for dogs and sadly people in rural areas are known to eat dogs.

BFP flew the remaining five beagles to L.A. and they were given the Hollywood treatment! Celebrities, media, and even the paparazzi all angled for a peak at these skinny guys. Our famous friends, the talented comedienne and animal-lover Whitney Cummings and the poised TV host Maria Menounos, carried their crates and popped open their cage doors.

Many media outlets have carried the story of the liberation, including our friends at CBS.

There was not a dry eye amongst those who gathered to celebrate their freedom. These boys are all six years old and terribly emaciated. The vet on hand who tended to their veterinary needs commented on how atrophied their back leg muscles were from spending so much time in a cage.

Each dog cautiously explored the grass, each other, the California sunshine, and the friendly people handing out treats. It was thrilling to watch them run, sniff, pee, and play! One beagle was particularly shy and is going to need a lot of extra TLC. He kept to himself inside his crate and only would venture out when no one as looking. We are tracking his progress closely and he is going to an experienced foster home.

This rescue has been called Operation APRIL in honor of April Curtis a supporter, foster, adopter, and a fierce friend to all of us at BFP. April passed away recently and is sorely missed. The dogs have been named in her honor: Atticus, Phoenix, Isaac, Robbie, and Lennon. We were honored to have her help and heart. We truly hope this rescue pays appropriate tribute to her compassion.

There are more pictures to come and a special video. For now please know how much all of us at BFP appreciate your support, likes, social shares, and the donations. (This rescue was two months in the making and our second most expensive mission to date!).

From all of us at Beagle Freedom Project!