We are thrilled to announce that this week Governor Kate Brown of Oregon signed the Beagle Freedom Bill into law, making Oregon the 11th state to recognize that dogs and cats are sentient beings who have the right to a life!

The bill mandates that dogs and cats used in research be released when the testing is over and offered up for adoption. This is one big step in the right direction!

Our goal is to end animal testing completely, but while we get there, we are giving them a second chance at life.

Please thank Governor Kate Brown for signing our bill and Senator Steiner Hayward for authoring the bill!

This could not have been made possible without the amazing 5th grade class at Elmonica Elementary and their amazing teacher Courtney Yeager who participated in one of our “Skype In The Classroom” classes and were so inspired, that they took it upon themselves to contact their governor to get this bill started!

It takes a village, and we have it because of you.

Thank you ALL for your support. Every single supporter of BFP enabled the permanent rescue made possible by our signature legislation!