The Beagle Freedom Project has shut down a major animal testing facility and rescued over 200 cats and dogs. These animals were subjected to cruel experiments at the facility.

Beagle Freedom Project rescues more than 200 dogs and cats from animal testing

In a landmark move, the animal rights organization Beagle Freedom Project (BFP) has closed down a large animal testing facility in Nowata, Oklahoma. This groundbreaking achievement ends decades of cruel experimentation on countless dogs and cats, as Augusta Free Press reports.

BFP’s intervention rescued over 200 furry survivors, including dogs, cats, newborn puppies, and even a family of pigs.

Additionally, BFP has acquired the 30-acre Oklahoma property and facilities, aiming to transform it into a haven for abused animals. Consequently, the property, named “Freedom Fields”, will serve as a rescue, rehabilitation, and adoption center, offering a compassionate space for healing.

This action sets a powerful precedent, with BFP aiming to inspire others to join the fight against animal testing, as per BNN Breaking.

Founder of BFP, Shannon Keith, said, “We are thrilled to announce the closure of this lab and the rescue of these innocent animals. This acquisition is a beacon of hope in our ongoing fight against animal testing.”

According to Click Orlando, this facility was using the animals for flea and tick meds testing. In addition, these products not only expose them to dangerous toxins but can cause seizures and even death.

Keith further stated this lab accounted for a staggering one-third of all US testing for these medications. Moreover, she slammed this practice as both unethical and unnecessary.

The Food and Drug Administration’s Modernization Act of 2022 eliminated animal testing requirements for many products.

There’s more good news to celebrate. BFP will be sending a few Beagles to Florida, where they will receive foster care. Furthermore, three pups will find love and comfort in Montebello.

Finally, the non-profit has asked for help regarding transportation, fostering, and money. Click here to lend a hand to them.

Original Source: Dog Time