LOS ANGELES, CA—Animal protection group Beagle Freedom Project (BFP), known internationally for rescuing hundreds of animals from animal research laboratories, is announcing its new “Cut the Cruelty” campaign, to shine a bright light on companies with cruel ties to animal testing. First up, Marshall Pet Products, a pet supply retailer selling toys and treats, is also the largest U.S. supplier of beagles, ferrets and other animals used in laboratory experiments.

Online retail giant has already pulled all merchandise from Marshall Pet Products after BFP informed them of the connections to animal testing. BFP is urging other retailers to follow Overstock’s example and replace Marshall Pet Products with items from compassionate companies.

“Marshall Pet Products, also known as Marshall BioResources, is calculating, cruel and dishonest for selling toys and treats to animal lovers on one hand, while quietly condemning thousands of animals to research labs with the other. Marshall is a horrible puppy mill for animal experimentation only worse, because their puppies have no hope for a home,” said Shannon Keith, BFP President and Founder.

“We are excited to see again lead the way. They have ended the sale of Marshall Pet Products,” said BFP Campaigns and Policy Director, Matt Rossell. “Overstock’s compassionate decision will save lives and persuade other retailers to make humane choices.”

BFP also has a free app, Cruelty-Cutter that makes it easy for consumers to shop cruelty-free by easily scanning the barcode on a product to find out instantly whether the company is involved in animal testing.

Marshall Pet Products is the arm of the family company selling pets and pet merchandise, and they are breeding and selling animals to research under the name of Marshall Farms Ltd, (dba Marshall BioResources). All are based just minutes from each other in upstate New York and share a singular family history, overlapping key executives and the exact same annual revenue of $11.666 billion dollars.

Established in 2010, Beagle Freedom Project (BFP) recently changed its name from Beagle Freedom Project (BFP) because it is not just about beagles.

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