A dog with paralyzed back legs was rescued from a dump near Martin in Floyd County, where it had apparently been left, rescuers said.

Dixie Rose is a beagle with a tattoo in her ear, which led rescuers to speculate that she was formerly a lab test animal, said Candice Thies of Stanton, who works with the Rescue Freedom Project.

The Rescue Freedom Project is investigating Dixie Rose’s history and how she got in the dump.

“Her back legs were paralyzed, but she was trying to crawl up to the road where some Good Samaritans saw her,” late last week, Thies said.

The Rescue Freedom Project used to be the Beagle Freedom Project because nearly all dogs used in lab experimentation are beagles because of their good disposition.

The University of Kentucky uses beagles in some research, but spokesman Jay Blanton said Wednesday that Dixie Rose had never been in any of their labs.

The Rescue Freedom Project placed her Sunday with a foster family near Louisville, where Dixie Rose can access good veterinary care.

“We’re hoping she can walk again,” Thies said. “She was the sweetest dog I’ve ever met in my life, she was walking around on her front legs, very determined.”

Dixie Rose, who is probably between 4 and 6 years old, will be up for adoption eventually, Thies said. People who are interested can go to the adoption site of the Rescue Freedom Project.

Original Article: Lexington Herald Leader