Name: Petunia
Breed: Pit Bull Terrier
Gender: Female
Age: Young
Location: Los Angeles, CA.

Petunia has seen so much neglect in her four years that it’s hard to comprehend how she could still be such a sweet dog. She’s had her ears chopped off, she’s been abandoned multiple times, tied to a pole in the heat, and ended up in a shelter facing euthanasia. After hearing her story, we couldn’t turn our backs on this dog and took her in. Petunia has rewarded us with dozens of kisses and happy tail wags. She loves going on walks and has started to really do well with training. She is genuinely so excited to see us that she’ll do a little dance!

We are currently looking for a forever home for sweet and silly Petunia, but a foster home would be lovely to start! Petunia needs more socialization with other dogs, so it would be best for her to be the only dog in the home.

If you’re interested in adopting Petunia please fill out a adoption application or call us at 818-382-6500 or email us at: