Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, have recently expanded their beloved animal family by welcoming a new chicken, Sinkie, into their Montecito home. The addition comes as a kind gesture from their neighbor, talk show host Ellen DeGeneres, who needed to re-home the bird due to bullying from its coop-mates.

DeGeneres revealed on Instagram that Sinkie, who had recovered from a fibula injury under the care of veterinarian Dr. Christine Sellers, was struggling to reintegrate with her previous flock. “Sinkie’s leg is fixed but our chickens were still picking on her, so she had to be re-homed. Luckily our friends Harry and Meghan’s coop had room for one more,” DeGeneres posted, adding humorously, “Not sure yet what her royal title will be.”

The Sussexes’ chicken coop, affectionately named “Archie’s Chick Inn” after their son, Prince Archie, is a sanctuary for rescued hens. The couple first showcased their chicken haven during their high-profile interview with Oprah Winfrey in March 2021. During the segment, viewers were treated to a tour of the coop, which houses hens saved from a factory farm. “Hi, girls! I just love rescuing,” Meghan said as she interacted with the chickens, emphasizing the couple’s commitment to animal welfare.

Meghan had previously shared a glimpse of their family life during an interview on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” in November 2021, where she showed a photo of their then-two-year-old son, Prince Archie, feeding the chickens. The Sussexes’ Netflix series, “Harry & Meghan,” also featured a touching scene with Meghan carrying their daughter, Princess Lilibet, while tending to the coop.

Aside from their feathery friends, the Sussexes are avid dog lovers and have a history of adopting rescue animals. Meghan shared with DeGeneres how they both bonded over their love for rescue pets. “We met at a pet shop, and I was going there to rescue a dog,” Markle recounted. DeGeneres, who played a part in their decision, joked about their initial encounter, saying, “Obviously, I didn’t know who you were, I just love people rescuing pets.”

Their commitment to animal rescue is evident in their choice of pets. The couple has adopted several rescue dogs, including beagles Guy and Mamma Mia, and a rescue Labrador named Pula. Their most recent addition, Mamma Mia, was adopted from the Beagle Freedom Project in California. Mia was one of over 4,000 beagles rescued in one of the United States’ largest dog rescue efforts, following the closure of the Envigo breeding facility due to animal cruelty allegations. The facility had been breeding beagles for use in research and medical testing.

During their visit to the Beagle Freedom Project, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle demonstrated their preference for adopting adult dogs over puppies, ultimately deciding to bring Mia home with them. Their decision to adopt an adult dog, particularly one with a challenging past, highlights their dedication to providing care and shelter to animals in need.

The Sussexes’ passion for animal welfare aligns with their broader humanitarian and environmental advocacy. Their choice to create a haven for rescued animals at their Montecito estate reflects their commitment to compassionate living and their desire to set an example for others in treating animals with kindness and respect.

The addition of Sinkie to “Archie’s Chick Inn” not only enriches the Sussexes’ family life but also serves as a reminder of the importance of providing safe spaces for animals that have faced hardships. Their actions underscore the significant impact that rescue and rehabilitation can have on the lives of animals.

As public figures, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle continue to use their platform to raise awareness about animal welfare issues. Their personal choices in animal care and adoption resonate with many who advocate for the rescue and ethical treatment of animals.

With their expanding animal family and continued advocacy, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are helping to foster a culture of compassion and care for animals, setting a heartwarming example for their fans and followers around the world.

Original Source: Business Times