Beagle Freedom Project, known on TikTok as @beaglefreedom, is an organization that rescues and rehomes animals used in experimental research. The project has helped liberate thousands of animals since its inception in 2010. We don’t understand how animal testing is still around, but the sad reality is that it is.

Recently, the Beagle Freedom Project rescued a couple of dozen Beagles who spent their entire lives being tested in laboratories. They were immediately brought outside straight from the facility and most of the dogs were overjoyed with their new freedom, but others were a little hesitant. This poor doggo named Remy was so scared he didn’t even want to get touched. Be prepared as you watch this video because it’ll surely break your heart.

Ugh, we feel so bad for Remy and all the other dogs who spent their entire lives in a laboratory. Thankfully, Beagle Freedom Project was able to step in and save them. The video is right, you can’t change a dog’s past and the trauma he or she endured. All we can do is shower them with all the love in the world.

“You can see it in his eyes that he’s been through too much,” wrote @lauraellenkc. Right? Even after seeing all the other dogs come out and walk around, he still didn’t feel comfortable. We can only hope one day he feels safe and loved.

“The suffering and abuse they endured are beyond comprehension. I can’t believe this is happening. No animal should ever be used for experiments,” said @kim_berly426. Say it louder for people in the back!

Original Source: Pet Helpful


Sometimes laboratory survivors come out of their crates w/ tails wagging, eager 2 experience freedom. We wish it were like that for everyone, but it’s not.  Some are traumatized more than others, like Remy. Rehabilitation is not just physical. please help

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