#RescueLifestyle Campaign

Join Beagle Freedom Project by celebrating all the rescued animals of the world!

BFP wants to celebrate all the rescued animals of the world by sharing their emotional journeys by videos MADE BY YOU! We want to highlight the resiliency of rescued animals, and after all they have endured, they can still trust humans and seek out love.

We urge anyone and everyone with a rescued animal to upload their own video to promote a #RescueLifestyle!

Keep track of the movement by following the hashtag #RescueLifestyle on social media to see other animals rescue stories from around the globe!

Here’s how it works:

1. Watch BFP’s main #RescueLifestyle video below as an example.

2. Upload your own video on social media, and tag @RescueFreedomProject and use the hashtag #RescueLifestyle

3. Nominate three friends to do the same! Your friends can either upload their own video or donate $3 to Beagle Freedom Project to help our mission of rescuing more animals from cruelty!

*In your own video – make sure to include your name, your animal’s name, what type of cruelty they were rescued from, and what the animals favorite thing to do is – now that they are free!*

What to include in your post:

I’m helping @RescueFreedomProject celebrate a #RescueLifestyle !! I nominate these three friends to upload their own animal’s rescue stories to celebrate a #RescueLifestyle! If you don’t want to make your own video, you can donate $3 to @RescueFreedomProject to support their mission of rescuing more animals from cruelty! For more info, please visit