From South Korea to Mexico, Australia to all parts of Europe, and 36 U.S. states in between – there is no destination Beagle Freedom Project will not journey to in order to rescue animals from laboratory languish!

This month I got to go home for a very special rescue of 10 beagles from an Eastern European pharmaceutical lab. As a Dutch national living in the U.S. (and working hard as the Adoptions Coordinator for BFP) I was overjoyed to be able to go home and welcome 10 new furry friends to their new forever families.

All 10, named in honor of the Dutch Royal Family, eagerly embraced their new lives with serious gusto. These playful pups will never want for anything again. Gone are the days of basement caged living, no toys, limited exercise, and scary white gloved hands grabbing them by the scruff of their necks. These are now very regal beagles whose adorable little personalities get to fully emerge.

Our mission of telling the stories of these lucky liberated made headlines across the Netherlands. Opening the eyes to many Europeans that these dreadful tests are still being performed will hopefully also open many of their hearts to adopting a cruelty-free lifestyle free of animal research.

No matter how many rescues I have coordinated and how many first steps I have seen, it truly never gets ‘old’ seeing these survivors finally realize they are safe and free! Our “Royal Dutch Rescue” was extra special for me because I got to share my work with my family and they were so proud of what this U.S. based non-profit has achieved for animals now literally all around the world.

We give thanks to our rescue partner, Vackoló who helped make this possible and special appreciation to our proud rescue partners VCK Live Animals Logistics and Dierenhulpdienst Nederland, an indomitable force for compassion. If you are in the EU I strongly encourage you to support their work with contribution. We also thank Hond Centraal for welcoming us with open arms, and videographer Kalynda Haaf and photographer Hans ‘t Hoen. I personally like to thank my family, Siny, Martin and Misty Twigt, for being there for me and assisting with everything.

Profound gratitude is also owed to you, reading this missive. Without your support, applications, volunteered hours, and generous contributions we could not do this life-saving work. Thank you for making this labor of love possible.

Please watch this little video and feel proud as to what you are making possible everyday when you continue to stand behind Beagle Freedom Project, the ‘little organization that could’ as we continue to cross any border to open any cage.