Name: Roscoe
Breed: Hound Mix
Gender: Male
Age: Adult
Location: Dayton, OH

I am adopted. Woohoo!!

Roscoe is a handsome brindle boy and he knows it. He loves the ladies and loves a good snuggle with his foster mom. He is only 2 years old and loves playtime. After being in a shelter and then acquired by a laboratory for animal testing (a practice known as “pound seizure”), he’s learning how fun it is to play and be free. He is especially fond of toys and will happily play all day with a ball or stuffie. He would love a doggie sibling his size to play with and wrestle with too. His dream family would have a big toy box and a fenced yard for running and playing, but most importantly, they will understand that Roscoe has been through a lot and sometimes he still gets scared and nervous about new things so the one thing he wants most is a forever family to make him feel safe and loved.