Ahoy, Mateys! Batten down the hatches and read on to find out why we are talking like a Pirate this week.

Yo Ho Ho. . .meet Rousseau!

BFP: How did your family find you?
Rousseau: My family found me because they like to hang out with my foster mom. They fell in love with me right from the start, and their beagle (Wally) didn’t have much longer to live. I knew they would need some special beagle love.

BFP: How did you get your name?
Rousseau: I was named after Dr. Paul Rousseau, who generously paid for our (Midwest 10) rescue.

BFP: Do you have any nicknames?
Rousseau: I am The Pirate Rousseau! Oh, and sometimes people call me Roo.

BFP: What kind of life did you have before your rescue?
Rousseau: Before my rescue, I lived my entire life in a lab. It was cold, sad, and lonely. I didn’t get to spend much time with my mother, brothers, and sisters. The only joy I experienced was dinner.

BFP: Where do you live?
Rousseau: Today I live in Tujunga, California (San Fernando Valley if you need geography help) in a cool house with a big couch, fireplace, and a yard! (The squirrel who used to live in the yard doesn’t seem to like me. I don’t know why he won’t stop yelling at me!)

BFP: Describe your perfect day.
Rousseau: My perfect day would be to lounge with my people on the couch, watching sports on TV, and eating pizza!

BFP: If you had a job, what would it be?
Rousseau: If I had a job, it would probably be a talk show host, a social director on a cruise ship, or a bartender (serving rum, of course!)

BFP: What do you and the other animals in the house talk about?
Rousseau: Arrrrggggh. . .you mean “my attendants”?

BFP: What do you do when your family is not home?
Rousseau: When my people are not home, I like to try to find their old shoes and chew them up. Sally used to live with us. I loved hanging out with her. She has crossed over the rainbow bridge, and I miss her. I like hanging out with Heidi, Scarlet, and Abigail at my foster mom’s place too. I also like it when we meet Baxter (and now Tashi), and go for walks.

BFP: What is your favorite memory?
Rousseau: My favorite memory will be the first time that I saw snow falling in Big Bear! I didn’t know what was happening, but my people were delighted and we all had a lot of fun!

BFP: Tell us about some of your favorite things?
Rousseau: My favorite place (away from home and my foster mom’s place) is Big Bear. I like to sniff around in the woods, then curl up on the couch while a fire keeps us warm. Toys are okay, but I LOVE snacks. My favorite snack is any snack that’s in front of me!

BFP: What is your biggest pet peeve?
Rousseau: Shiver me timbers! Can you believe there are people who STILL think that dogs are just animals and can be used as a commodity? I used to think all people were cold-hearted. I have learned that other people have hearts so big that they make up for the mean ones.

BFP: Who is your best friend?
Rousseau: My best friends are my people.

BFP: What is something you do that makes your family laugh?
Rousseau: I love to have my belly rubbed, so I will flop down and roll over anywhere at any time!

BFP: What is one word to describe you?
Rousseau: Happy

Here’s luck and a fair wind to you!

Rousseau, Rescue #11 (The Midwest 10)