The non-profit Beagle Freedom Project has rescued seven beagle boys who spend their entire lives as test subjects in a research facility. The poor dogs were never able to see the sun or walk in the grass, but now, thanks to Beagle Freedom Project, the pups will be able to walk out of their crates and into the arms of a loving new family!

The heartwarming video shows the seven beagles taking their first steps on grass and feeling the sun on their face.

Beagle Freedom Project was founded in 2010 and works to rescue and rehabilitate animals used in testing and research, and other forms of cruelty, abuse, and neglect. They also work to end these cruel practices through educational programs, campaigns, and lobbying efforts.

In their latest rescue, the non-profit saved seven beagle boys named Bucky, Groot, Loki, Rocket, Starlord, Zuri, and Thor! Their foster families were on site when the pups took their first steps of freedom outside and were able to walk straight into the arms of their new furrever homes!

Original Article: One Green Planet