Are you ready for a Spring Fling? WE ARE!

That’s why we hopped at the chance to rescue over a dozen bunnies from a testing lab!

These bunnies are born into cages and used for testing until they are no longer needed or until a testing protocol requires they be killed. Luckily, this laboratory that works with us, lets them go after the testing so that they can have a second chance at life. MOST labs do not do that!

Sadly, this shouldn’t have to happen in the first place. Rabbits are one of the most used animals for testing because of their size and reproductive rate.

In the United States alone, millions of rabbits are used for everything from cosmetics to products to pharmaceuticals and more.

An individual who used to work at the animal testing lab at REVLON (yes, Revlon – THE MAKEUP!), told us that the workers there had so little regard for the rabbits that instead of “humanely euthanizing” them, they would just slam them on the medical table to kill them and throw them in the trash. This is one of many reasons it is critical to shop cruelty-free! Use our cruelty-cutter app, @crueltycutter and help us continue to save these rabbits and give them a hopping chance!

We are working towards ending the testing, but until then, we are grateful we can give them a life. We need your help to continue.



For every dollar you donate, it is doubled! The care for these bunnies is costly, especially their spay, neuter and other medical care.