My name is Mirabel, that’s latin for “of wondrous beauty

I often wonder if my rescuers named me that because they rescued me from a plastic surgery animal experimentation laboratory.

In the lab, they broke my bones on purpose and put plates in me. Later they removed the plates but this left me with a permanent limp, permanent pain and a lifetime of being on medication.

I know a lot of people like to get plastic surgery to make themselves look a certain way, but my body and bones don’t work the same way a person’s do.

You can see the scarring on my leg in this picture at my new forever home where they let me on the couch, give me lots of love and tell me, “You will never be treated that way again.”

I want to whisper those words in the big ears of all my beagle friends after they are rescued.

Thank you for helping BFP rescue me.

Let’s get the rest!