Because of incredible supporters like YOU, Beagle Freedom Project was able to rescue SEVEN animal testing survivors last week.

These seven sweet rabbits deemed ‘The Weekday Warriors’ now get the chance to feel sunlight on their fur and touch grass for the very first time. After their time in the laboratory, they were handed over to BFP to begin a new life.

Last week, these newly rescued rabbits made their cross-country journey with the rest of our rabbits to the new Rescue + Outreach Center in North Carolina.

These new arrivals at the ROC were extremely emotional for the animals and BFP staff. It was the first time after the Woolsey Fires, the rabbits had seen each other as well as the BFP staff that evacuated them from the fires.

Rest assured – everyone is doing great and enjoying their new 17 acres of magical land.

Help us rescue more animal testing survivors and give them the freedom they deserve.